It is wonderful to receive the gift of a puppy on a birthday or holiday.
All the more so, it is wonderful to receive the gift of just the right puppy
from just the right breeder. Sometimes, that birthday or holiday can be a rather busy time,
and not exactly the best time to start training a puppy.

There is something very special about seeing a litter of days-old puppies with their mom;
two-week-old puppies opening their eyes and ears for the first time;
three-week-old puppies standing up, wobbling around, exploring their boundaries;
four-week-old puppies romping in the grass, chasing a ball;
five-week-old puppies coming to you when you call, choosing your very own puppy;
at eight weeks old, being totally prepared to start crate training, housebreaking and introducing
your new puppy to a wonderful life with you.

This Holiday Season at Roundmeadow, we have five litters arriving just before Christmas,
ready to go the beginning of February. We will have all three colors available from which to choose.
We are offering a New Puppy Gift Package, which includes a New Puppy Gift Certificate, plush puppy,
collar, toy, vinyl toy bucket, a sample of Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy Food, Puppy Smarts Training CD,
and your puppy's Parents Information Packet, gift-wrapped and ready to be presented on that special day.
If you think this will take the guesswork out of finding that "special" gift, do not hesitate to contact
us here at Roundmeadow Labradors. Thank you.

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